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Do you fit the equation?

equations rating community

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Rating Community

Welcome to equati0ns, a rating community! Want to join us? Read on for more information. When you apply you will be rated out of ten on looks & personality: you must obtain an average score of 6.5 to be accepted. We look forward to reading your application - the only thing you need to ask yourself is do I fit the equation?

1. You must be at least 16 to apply.
2. If you are accepted, stay active. There is a monthly inactivity cut.
3. Voting is based on a scale of 1 to 10: 1 being awful, 10 being perfect. You must obtain an average score of 6.5 to be accepted. If your average is 6.4 or less, you will be rejected and may reapply after one week has passed.
4. Please post your application immediately after joining.
5. Do note delete votes. You will be automatically rejected and banned.
6. You must provide at least one photo that is a straight-on shot of your face, with no angles or major contrast. We want to see what you really look like.
7. Proof pictures are mandatory for all applicants, including users who have previously been members before. You MUST include one in your application! If you're unsure what a proof is, just take a photograph of yourself holding a sign saying yourusername @ livejournal.com.
8. Use an LJ-Cut! The cut text can be whatever you like.
9. Please use the 'application' tag when you post.
10. If you don't fill out the application in its entirety, you will not be voted on. You have three days to make any necessary corrections.
11. You can't participate in ANY of the community's activity until you have been accepted. This includes voting in polls, voting on applications, commenting, etc.
12. We are not interested in drama, so don't bring it in here. The mods will reject & ban you if you give them good enough reason.
1. Stay active! You may post as much as you like when accepted. The exceptions to this include the number of duels & steals you can have in progress at any one time; read on for more details.
2. Please make sure all posts to the community are friends-only and remember to include all applicable tags. You need to tag your username and also the type of post you are making (see a list of tags here)
3. You must post a duel or superlative steal once a month. Superlative claims do not count towards this. You cannot duel a member whose score is more than 1.0 below your own. Once you reach +3 duel wins your score increases by .1 - likewise, if you reach -3, your score will drop accordingly. You may only have 3 duels in progress at any one time, and 5 superlative steals. Find more about the duelling system here.
4. You must earn 40 points per month to remain in the community. If you fail to earn your keep, you will be cut.
5. If you're planning on taking a hiatus, you need to request one here. If you post about your hiatus but neglect to comment on the request post, we may not realise and you will be cut at the end of the month. Your hiatus cannot last more than two months at a time.
6. Don't start drama with other members for no reason. Mods will monitor this and take action if necessary (warning, suspension, permanent ban).
7. When voting on applicants, please give a fair score. Don't vote based on your biased opinions of people. The score you give should reflect your opinion regardless of other votes. Mods can discard votes if they're deemed to be unfair or biased.
8. Each month we vote to determine who is the most and least attractive member, depending on who has been nominated by new applicants. The most attractive member will be featured on the sidebar for one month - the least attractive will lose .1 from their score.
9. When posting pictures, please indicate how many pictures are in your post (either in the subject line or LJ-Cut).
10. Please give appropriate content warning (ie. NSFW) where necessary. No promotions without a mod's prior permission.

Fill out the application in its entirety and post behind an LJ-Cut. Please do not use rich text. The form is pretty much idiot proof, so don't mess it up!

Credits: Profile & Layout [edited by gormenghast]