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2nd-Jan-2011 08:56 pm - we're coming.
Equations is coming to LJ - please bear with us whilst we set everything up. This will be a trial community mirrored from the original, and if it's a success, we'll be here permanently. :)

(continue posting on Scribbld for the time being!)

If you're a returning member who is part of the Scribbld community, please fill out the form below and post it in a comment:

Once posting is open, you may post your application. If you chose to keep your current score, you will be stamped automatically and can participate as normal. Alternatively you can apply for a brand new score - you won't be able to do this until we have ten stamped members (who can rate you!). If you've joined LJ just for us, you can use your Scribbld proof on your application - just make sure you comment on a mod post over on Scribbld-Equations to confirm what your new LJ username is.

Once posting is open, you may post your application. You will be rated out of 10 - an average will be taken to determine your overall score. You must average 6.5 or above to be accepted. Once accepted you can post pictures, participate in duels, steals, themes, etc. You must earn 40 points each month and post one duel or superlative steal in order to remain in the community (inactive members will be cut at the end of each month). You do not have to win the duel/steal, just post one. There are more rules on the community userinfo.
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